Break free from the rut and accelerate fat loss like never before.

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Tried everything possible to trim down, but find yourself stuck in a rut? Maybe you’ve even told yourself, “I’m just not a workout person.” That ends here! Leverage the power of 30-minute workouts and intermittent fasting to ignite fat loss, amplify energy, and get stronger – all in just five days! We’ll show you how to shatter plateaus and achieve whole-body wellness from the inside out.
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SEPT 18-22, 2023

Leave the same old routine in the dust.

Whether you haven’t picked up a weight in years or are a seasoned athlete, we’ve decoded how to burn fat and get fit unlike anything else you’ve tried in the past. And guess what? In 30 minutes per day, you’ll experience results beyond your wildest expectations. Enjoy quick workouts with pro trainers, delicious meals, and a holistic blueprint that will revolutionize how you approach fitness for good.
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It’s not a fantasy - it’s simply fitness and fasting done right.

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Imagine waking up when the alarm rings, and you're already brimming with energy – no snooze needed. Coffee in hand, you slide into your workout gear, and something remarkable happens – your leggings feel different - looser. It's time to downsize! You conquer your workout, breeze through the morning without cravings, and can’t stop smiling about your newfound freedom from diets and dead-end workouts.

You've discovered the secret to feeling AMAZING every day, and you're leaner than you've been in years!

Receive exclusive app access, with everything you need to torch fat and get stronger:

Best Workouts Ever

Led by our Pro Trainers, our 30-minute workouts are wildly effective and get the job done without putting a dent in your day. Minimal equipment required, suitable for all levels.

Expert Trainings

Our founder and team of nutrition and fitness experts will teach you exactly what to do to jumpstart fat loss and achieve real results with our scientifically proven methods.

Fat-Blasting Meal Guide

Take the guesswork out of what to eat with simple to prepare, always tasty recipes. Perfect for fueling fat loss, ramping up energy, and kicking cravings.

Community Support

Connect with our team and with others who share similar goals for tips, tricks, and motivation. You’re not alone!

Set the Stage for Your Transformation

Experience unbeatable results from strategic workouts and intermittent fasting, a powerhouse combo that ramps up metabolism, incinerates fat, and boosts health. Don't venture trying it solo or risk the wrong approach. Our experts are your guides! In five transformative days, you're not just going through motions – you're flourishing.

Only $19.97

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Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
Amanda Tress Founder CEO
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